Mi-Ni-Wa-Gons are plastic made on metal tubes. Seats are made of fabric and the upper part is stuffed for back comfort. Wheels are on air tires.


1° Inspect Mi-Ni-Wa-Gon as often as possible (belts, tires, handles).
2° Fasten firmly children with both seat belts.
3° Push Mi-Ni-Wa-Gon in the center of the sidewalk (as far as possible from the borders of the sidewalk), do this to prevent flipping, this could cause major injuries.
4° Place ajustable handles at a comfort level for the kindergarten worker, this will make Mi-Ni-Wa-Gon for enjoyable to push and could prevent injuries to the kindergarten worker.
5° Do not overcharge Mi-Ni-Wa-Gon.
6° On slopes, always be sure to be able to stop if necessary.
7° Always keep in mind that the security of the children and yours are in stake.
8° Once a week, inflate tires to keep them hard.


1° Once a week, inflate tires to keep them hard.
2° Store Mi-Ni-Wa-Gon from weather hazards when it's not used, this will prevent color changing of the cover when exposed to sun, rain and snow.
3° Check seat belts; replace them if necessary.
4° Grease all the ball bearings when necessary.

Ajustables handles

1° Unscrew the bolts
2° Adjust the handle bar to your convenience
3° Tighten firmly the bolts to ensure security of children and kindergarten worker.

Tires and air tubes

1° Tires and air tubes are easily replacables after having the wheel taken off the fork. Take the air off completly form the air tubes.
2° Unscrew the bolts keeping the two sides of the wheel together; you wil notice that the middle splits in half.
3° Put new tires and air tubes (never put in place old tires and air tubes)
4° Put air tube in the tire and reassemble both sides of the wheel while making sure that the valve comes out of the hole made fo it.
5° Put some air in the tube and tighten the nuts holding the two sides of the wheel together. Make sure that the air tube isn't stock between the two metal pieces, then put air int the tube until it's hard.

N.B. For a better proficiency, all four Mi-ni-Wa-Gon tires must be inflate to become very hard; if not the multiplace stroller will be harder to push and could cause perharps injuries to the kindergarten worker. It is highly recommanded to inflate tires each week or when necessary.

Change ball bearings

1° Unscrew bolts off the wheel.
2° With a hammer and a punch inserted in the hole of the wheel bar at the opposite side of the ball bearings, hit gently on the punch while going around the ball bearings. Take the used ball bearings off and relace it with a new one.
3° Be suke to fit the new ball bearings in it's right place at the side of the wheel. Then, it is suggested to place a piece of wood over the ball bearings so you won't scrap the ball bearings while putting it back in place.
4° Hit gently on the wood piece until the ball bearings is well set in place.

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© Pictures by Richard Robitaille